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Before 1983, a round of the Japanese Rally Championship held in Gunma has been named as the gYamabiko Rallly in Autumnh (Yamabiko meaning Echoing). However, in 1984 to make the rally realise under the support of many rally clubs it has been renamed as gMontree.h  During this period, rally has been focused in Gunma Prefecture at the 3 mountains gJyoumousanzan.h  The mountains are Akagi mountain, Haruna mountain, and Myogi mountain. gThe three famous mountainsh (mont tres) has been mentioned on the outside in French has been changed to Latin character as (montres), Finally, the name of Japanese Rally Championship in Gunma Prefecture has been settled as gMontre.h

From 1984-2003 Montre has been held every year and has brought many famous rally drivers and at the same time has performed dramatic scenes every year.  However, because of the accident in 2003, the event has been suspended from 2004 to 2011.  During that time, the reform of rally environment in the prefectural area, safety and management system have been reconstructed.  In July 2012, gJAF Japanese Rally Championship Montre 2012 in Shibukawah has been hosted by Gumna prefecture, Shibukawa city.

The following year, 2013 the same big event has been realised at Shibukawa city for 2 days brought back many spectators.

Moreover, from 2014 to 2016, to accomplish a high level of rally event, the place has been relocated to gthe birthplace of motorsportsh or known as Gunma Prefecture Tsumagoi village.  The event has been realised as the high speed location at the vast plateau.  The new location has satisfied many of the spectators successfully.

In 2017, the event area from Tsumgaoi village to the neighbor area, has been extended to Nagano Prefecture Suzaka City.  This added the status of rally and the international status of rally. Simultaneously, we are planning to add the Japan Super Rally Series Title to bring the rally event and the rally topic at a higher level compared to last year.

This year we are planning to establish spectator stages which the spectators could be filled with contentment.  We, the staff members are looking forward to many entrants and spectators.
Montre 2017 in Tsumagoi organising committee

@About Montre in Tsumagoi
  Organiser AG members club Hokkaido
Jyoshu Auto Club
  Secretariat M.O.S.C.O. (Non Profitable Organisation )
  Eligibility International Japan Surer Rally Series Round 1
    2017 JAF All Japan Rally championship Round 5
  Course Tarmac
    SS distance : 77km
    Total distance : 360km
   Rally HQ Palcall Tsumagoi Resort
@Permanent Secretariat
Montre in Tsumagoi Permanent Secretariat
M.O.S.C.O. (Non Profitable Organisation )

1514-1 Sarugakyoonsen, Minakami, Tonegun, Gunma, 379-1403 Japan

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