We will adopt Sportity as official bulletin board

MONTRE 2024 will use Sportity as the official bulletin board app.

Sportity is an information distribution app for sports events that has been used in WRC (World Rally Championship) and All Japan Rally Championship.

How to use it on the web

WYou can view the document by accessing the player/team page using a web browser. Click here for the page for players and teams.

How to use it on your smartphone

With the Sportity app installed on your smartphone, you will receive notifications when new documents are uploaded. You can also check the official bulletin board at any time, and once you open a document, it is saved on your smartphone, so you can open it even in places where there is no signal on your phone.

After installing the Sportity app, open the menu at the top left of the screen, tap the Add button, and enter
Password: JRC5MONTRE24
The official bulletin board will be added to My channels and you will be able to view it.

To install the Sportity app, use the QR code above or the link below.